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We have many years of applied experience in the wood, furniture, upholstery and mattress industries to pass on to customers. We identify suitable local adhesives manufacturers for you and convey our R&D know-how to them. This ensures that our products can be produced near you, shortening delivery times and reducing transport costs. The shorter transportation distances also have ecological advantages.

Regardless of where our production takes place, the quality assurance of ADiNO® adhesives remains in our hands throughout the entire process. We select the production partners, verify the raw materials used, approve them, and perfectly configure the products for your market conditions. This guarantees that only adhesives deserving of the ADiNO® name are delivered.

ADiNO® impresses clients with innovative products, best-in-class performance and our unique business model. Our knowledge transfer is unparalleled in the industry, and has proven to be of great benefit to our customers.


In addition to development and application, we also support you in sales and marketing. Please feel free to contact us.

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uf 1959

New Urea-Formaldehyde powder adhesive

The regulations regarding Formaldehyde content in furniture’s and furniture parts are changing constantly and in consequence also Adino is constantly upgrading its Urea- Formaldehyde Adhesives.

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“ To provide high quality industrial adhesives to customers worldwide does not require a large and cost intensive organisation and production facility.

It requires the competence to share resources , capacities , product and application know-how with trustworthy partners world-wide.

This philosophy makes Adino since years the unique and modern adhesive supplier to the woodworking – furniture, mattress manufacturing and packaging industry ”

Founder Adino GmbH
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