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New Urea-Formaldehyde powder adhesive

The regulations regarding Formaldehyde content in furniture’s and furniture parts are changing constantly and in consequence also Adino is constantly upgrading its Urea- Formaldehyde Adhesives.

Our new Adino UF 1959.0 powder is a ready to use thermosetting powder resin, based on Urea Formaldehyde Resin modified with special fillers, additives and hardeners.

This, commonly called “one shot system”, has the lowest formaldehyde content of the Adino UF product range , it is easy to mix with water in a 2:1 ratio and designed for the use in the wood-based board production as well as the furniture industry. Used for the plywood production, UF 1959.0 is satisfying the E1 limits requested by EN 13986 norm. Used for the hot-press lamination of surface materials such as veneer, HPL, paper on core materials UF 1959.0 complies with the new UBA regulation (for the German market) known as E05 ; according to the EN 717-1 chamber (or ISO 12460-1) test the max. FD value is 0.05 ppm. It also full-fill the American requirements according to CARB P2 and TSCA TVI (Toxic Substance Control Act) TVI , tested following ASTM E 1333 and ASTM D 6007 1333.

All above mentioned requirements can be only achieved if the boards, core-materials used are full-filling the same or lower emission classes.

UF 1959.0, like all Adino one shot resins, is used in all typical gluing operations of the woodworking industry like door production, honeycomb panels, plywood using hot or highfrequency presses.

Products glued with UF 9159.0 have a good moisture resistance, meet the requirements of EN 314 Type 1. To achieve a higher water-resistance, Adino MUF powder resins are available.

Since the formaldehyde emission of the finished product is very much depending on the materials used, the production parameters – especially glue amount, pressing time & temperature – and the environmental conditions, Adino is providing individual test’s for the customers.

Our technical service team is ready to produce and collect samples produced at your factory and test them following the European and American Norm to issue an Adino internal certificate.

Please contact us for any further information or to set-up an appointment for an individual demonstration of the product Adino UF 1959.0.


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